Moving To Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa can have its own peculiarities and problems.

These pages are intended to help you out with some of the problems you might potentially experience.

If the information you need is not available on these pages, I invite you to use the contact form to ask and we will do what we can to chase up that info for you.

Moving To Ottawa!

In the event that your move to Ottawa has to happen before you’ve really had a chance to wrap your head around it and to properly plan, there is always the issue of what to do with your possessions? Some you can bring, but often folks need to visit an area for some time to find lodgings, and if their old accommodation is no longer available to them, what then.

Moving Truck - moving to ottawa - www.all-about-ottawa.comOne solution is to ship your items to a self-storage type facility, one that will rent you a certain number of square feet of heated or unheated storage space.

There are quite a number of “U Store It” type of facilities in and around Ottawa. It sure seems to be a growing business.

You can use your search browser to find them, however, here is a partial list of Ottawa area storage facilities, in no particular order. We hope they help.


Once everything has arrived and is safely tucked away, then you can take the time to find the right home or apartment to suit your needs without having to worry about where to put everything if all your stuff is scheduled to arrive before you have a place for it all.

Finding An Apartment in the Ottawa Area

If you Google “find an apartment in Ottawa?” as I just did a few moments ago, you will receive a vast assortment of websites addressing the task of helping you find the right apartment for you.

However, when you find the right apartment, is it the right area for your needs? Therein lies the problem for folks trying to find lodging in Ottawa from far away.

The internet can often provide misleading information. You need to talk to a Realtor about what the area you are looking in is really like.

Finding A House in the Ottawa Area

The same holds true for a house that you might be planning on buying.

For a complete listing of real estate agents in Ottawa, simply Google “Real Estate Agents in Ottawa, Canada” and you will get a huge number of listings.

The listings they provide will give you good information about the homes they have to offer.

But what is really important to you about the area in which that house or apartment is, that the listing does not provide? For that you need to talk to the Realtor yourself.

Ottawa Services

Things you may want to check before coming to Ottawa are the availability of health care, maybe you are wondering about police services, wondering how the financial institutions can be integrated with your own, or information for immigrants? If so, here is information about Ottawa services.

If you have information for visitors about moving to Ottawa, please either send it via the contact page, or add it as a comment below. If the information is valid, we will be pleased to add it to the page.