Ski – Snowboard Around Ottawa

Ski – Snowboard Around Ottawa

Depending on your particular taste, you may have a penchant for racing down slopes at a high rate of speed on one or maybe two slices of wood/laminate. When I’ve done that, I usually end up ploughing a furrow with my face!

Or you may, like me now, prefer to take your time, to “stop and smell the snowflakes” as it were, on a leisurely cross country ski trek.

Regardless of your preference, this page on Ski – Snowboard Around Ottawa has lots of options for you since the greater Ottawa area, and much of eastern Ontario and western Quebec, offer an abundance of ski options for the Ottawa visitor and resident.

The joy of skiing -

If you’re visiting the Ottawa area to ski, and you need to pick up some additional equipment, there are many options available.

Just learning the sport? There are lots of venues for learning how to ski in and around Ottawa as well.

Rather than trying to cram all of that information on one page, here’s a link list to the pages on this site that provide the most information about that skiing and snowboarding or tubing topic.

Where possible, the location featured shows the distance from Canada’s Parliament Buildings in downtown Ottawa, to help your orient yourself.

Skiing and snowboarding around Ottawa Ontario adventure information begins just below.

Downhill skiing or tubing?

Downhill runs. Yeah baby!

This winter expect to see some spectacular snow falls in the greater Ottawa ski region, and it may even turn out to be the longest ski season ever! Here is  information about downhill skiing or tubing all around Ottawa?.

Cross-Country Skiing

Info on cross country skiing around Ottawa.

Skiing – Boarding – Tubing Supply Shops

Here are ski supply shops in the Ottawa area.

Ski Club Anyone?

Sometimes you just need to get started with like minded folks. New to Ottawa or to skiing. Why not consider joining a ski club? Here is Ottawa area ski club information.