All About Ottawa

All About Ottawa

Ottawa really is a capital city to visit!

View of Canada's Parliament Buildings

This site is all about  Ottawa folks, that’s Ottawa – Ontario, Canada. - canada 150 tulip
Looking for a special way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017?
How about planting a “Canada 150” tulip. Fran Huizenga-Luth shared this photo of the new breed of flower that was bred specifically to resemble a Canadian flag. More than 200,000 of these special bulbs are expected to bloom across the capital next year. (CTV News report) Folks can buy Canada 150 tulip bulbs at participating Home Hardware stores nationwide as of September 2016. (NCC)
Winter in downtown Ottawa -
This image was ricocheting around facebook in early January 2016. It shows winter time in downtown Ottawa. The Rideau Canal with the NAC on the left and Canada’s Parliament Buildings on the far left. On the right of the canal in the distance the Chateau Laurier  hotel can just be seen. We would be happy to provide attribution if we knew the original source.

All About Ottawa – Ottawa Travelers

We have traveled internationally quite often. We remember the sinking feeling one gets in the pit of the stomach when we get off an airplane in the airport of a new country and don’t know our way around. “Now what?” we say to each other.

This site is built with you in mind. The intent is to help replace that sinking feeling with one that the comfort of knowing a bit more about Ottawa in advance can provide. We want to make your visit to our beautiful city of Ottawa enjoyable and memorable.

Ottawa Parliament Buildings

Our goal is to help you find out almost whatever you want to know about Ottawa, here on

Ottawa's Parliament Buildings as a movie screen.