Vegan Vegetarian Restaurants

This page is about Ottawa’s Vegan Vegetarian Restaurants,  for those  folks that prefer to eat vegan – vegetarian meals. Here is information for those looking for restaurants other than vegan or vegetarian focused. 

Do you practice vegan or vegetarian dining and you are visiting or living in Ottawa, where can you go to enjoy delicious food?

Living the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should not preclude you from visiting beautiful cities around the world including Canada’s capital city – Ottawa. Visit Ottawa. She will look after your dietary needs with a host of vegan and vegetarian establishments as listed below.

The restaurants and eateries in Ottawa listed provide solely vegan or vegetarian menus and food items, or clearly offer them as alternatives to their standard fare. They are listed in alphabetical order.

In an effort to better orient the locations of these establishments in Ottawa for you I have included their distance from Parliament Hill.

To whet your appetite – some delicious fruit found at the Byward Market

Fresh fruit for sale at Ottawa's Byward Market


Amber Garden Restaurant

1385 Wellington St. W.
Ottawa K1Y 2X1
Tel: 613-725-2757
Some vegetarian dishes
This restaurant is about 6.2 kilometers (3.8 miles) from Parliament Hill

Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

577 Gladstone Ave.
Tel: 613-321-0774
Some vegetarian dishes and an interesting Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.
This restaurant is about 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) from Parliament Hill

Bonnie’s Natural Foods

1500 Bank St.
Tel: 613-523-1372
Natural food store
This store is about 5.7 kilometers (3.5 miles) from Parliament Hill

Cafe Soup ‘Herbe

168 chemin Old Chelsea
Province of Quebec
Vegetarian meals / some vegan dishes
Tel: (819) 827-7687

Chahaya Malaysia

1690 Montreal Rd.
Gloucester (Ottawa)
Malaysian, Indonesian and vegetarian cuisine
Tel: (613)742-0242
This restaurant is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Parliament Hill

Domus Cafe

87 Murray Street
Ottawa K1N 5M5
Tel: 613-241-6007
Some vegetarian / some vegan dishes
This cafe is about 2.2 kilometers (1.3 miles) from Parliament Hill

Govinda’s Indian – Vegan Buffet

212 Somerset St. E.
Tel: 613-565-6544
Buffet offering some vegetarian / some vegan dishes
This restaurant is about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from Parliament Hill

La Belle Verte

166 Rue Eddy (corner of Papineau)
Gatineau, QC
Tel: 819-778-6363
Full Menu of Sumptuous Vegan Cuisine, Rainbow Salads, Fresh-Baked Chapati Sandwiches and more. Take out too. 
This restaurant is about 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) from Parliament Hill

The Green Door

198 Main St.
Tel: 613-234-9597
Buffet offering vegetarian and vegan dishes, pay by the pound
This restaurant is about 3.9 kilometers (2.4 miles) from Parliament Hill

The Table Vegetarian Restaurant

124 Wellington St.
Offering vegetarian dishes
Tel: (613)729-5973
This restaurant is about .8 kilometers (.5 miles) from Parliament Hill

The Pantry Vegetarian Tea Room

175 Third Ave. – inside the Glebe Community Centre
Tel: 613-234-9597
Offering vegetarian dishes / 90-100% organic
This tea room is about 3.2 kilometers (2. miles) from Parliament Hill

Perfection Satisfaction Promise Vegetarian Restaurant

167 Laurier Ave. E.
Tel: 613-234-7299
Specializes in potatoes served with a variety of toppings, some are vegan 
This restaurant is about 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) from Parliament Hill

The Table Restaurant

1230 Wellington St.
Tel: 613-729-5973
The Table makes every attempt possible to cater a 100% organic vegetarian meal 
This restaurant is about 5.7 kilometers (3.5 miles) from Parliament Hill

Vegan and vegetarian restaurant owners; if your restaurant is not listed here, and you wish it to be, kindly send info via the Contact page. Thanks!

Have you had an excellent vegan or vegetarian meal in Ottawa you would like to comment on? How about a photo of your favourite restaurant or dish? Use the forms below to comment and add photos. All will be reviewed for suitability before going live.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Vegetarian Restaurants”
  1. The Peace Garden – 47 Clarence St.

    Now here is a real find.

    Many years ago now, I was with some friends in the Byward Market of Ottawa one hot summer day. We had decided to take a break from shopping to have lunch. We noticed a really little sign outside of The Times Square Building that told us of the Peace Garden Restaurant just inside. We weren’t sure about lunching in an office building eatery, but we were hungry and it was too hot to walk any further. We investigated, found a truly delightful, peaceful spot, and have been regular customers ever since.

    This restaurant has an Indian influence and is mostly vegan and all vegetarian, but the offerings are so diverse and plentiful that you won’t miss the meat. Really, you won’t. (I’m salivating as I’m writing just thinking about the food!)

    You order most things at the counter, and help yourself to other things that are farther along the counter. You can eat there, or take your food to go. It’s all very laid back.

    If you’ve never been, try the dahl soup and one of their special platters for lunch. Everything on the menu is good. Come hungry, because you’ll need to leave room for one of their incredible desserts to have with your tea.

    Do ask the staff to recommend dishes, or to tell you about the food. On one trip to the Garden, I was with a group of four, and we were talking to one of the ladies behind the counter about an item on the menu that none of us had ever tried before. As it happened, none of us ordered the item. Just as we started eating our lunch, the woman with whom we had been talking brought a serving of the “new” dish out for us to share so we could all have a taste to see what it was like. Awesome.

    The food, the staff, the prices are great. Worth a try.

    1. Clarence Street is in the Byward Market section of Ottawa.

      Phone: 613-562-2434


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