Motels in Ottawa

Motels in Ottawa are lodgings for folks that prefer the “drive-in” type of accommodations, usually with parking included, and “easy in and out” facilities for cars, and other vehicles.

Usually motels will be lower cost – aimed at the more budget concerned and non-business traveler –  than the more service-rich hotels ae, and may offer fewer amenities than might be available at standard or suite type hotels.

Wide Range of Motels in Ottawa

Motels in Ottawa -

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada boasts a wide range of motel-type accommodations to suit the tastes and the pocketbooks of the tourist or business traveler.

A Travel Agent can help

Your travel agent can certainly find you information about Ottawa motels, or you can contact your choice via phone, email, or in some case through their web sites, of the following Ottawa motels.

We don’t critique Ottawa Motels doesn’t rate these motels, rather pinpoints them as to where they are in relation to the Parliament Buildings which has been selected as the focal point for information about Ottawa; this to help you orient yourself for your stay.

Lodging in Ottawa other than motels

If this is the page you landed on when arriving at, and you want information on lodgings other than motels, follow the links on this page to other lodging opportunities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

List of Ottawa area motels

The list below is of just a few of the many motels available in and around Ottawa.

Adams Airport Inn

2721 Bank St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1T 1M8
Tel: 613-738-3838
Toll free: 800-261-5835
Fax: 613-736-8211

Distance to Parliament: 12.8 kilometers (7.9 miles)

Concorde Motel

333 Montreal Rd.
Vanier (Ottawa), Ontario K1L 6B4
Tel: 613-745-2112
Fax: 613-745-8165

Distance to Parliament: 4.7 kilometers (2.9 miles)

Mirada Inn

545 Montreal Rd.
Vanier (Ottawa), Ontario K1K 0V1
Tel: 613-741-1102
Toll Free: 800-267-1666
Fax: 613-741-3409

Distance to Parliament: 5.7 kilometers (3.5 miles)

Southway Inn

2431 Bank St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8R9
Tel: 613-737-0811
Toll Free: 877-688-4929
Fax: 613-737-3207

Distance to Parliament: 11.5 kilometers (7.1 miles)

Travellers Haven Motel

2747 Prince of Wales Dr,
Nepean, ON K2C 3H1
Tel:  (613) 825-2635
Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-572-1750
Distance to Parliament: 14.2 kilometers  (8.75 miles)

Webbs Motel

1705 Carling Ave
Ottawa, ON K2A 1C8
Tel:  (613) 728-1881
Fax:  (613) 728-4516
Toll Free Reservations (U.S. and Canada) 1-800-263-4264
Distance to Parliament: 8.8 kilometers (5.4 miles)

If you are an owner of a motel not listed, and would like to have your establishment listed, please contact us via the contact page.