Swimming Clubs in Ottawa

Swimming Clubs in Ottawa

I must confess that to me, swimming encompasses warm sand, hot sun, warmish water, beach blanket… and so on.

Yet there is a fraternity of Ottawans and visitors that love to jump or dive into a man-made body of water ~ a swimming pool ~ for exercise, relaxation or competition.

Are you one of those? Here is a list of swimming clubs in Ottawa where you can do just that.

Swimming clubs in Ottawa are listed in alphabetical order.

Surfacing in the swimming pool

Ottawa Swim Club

“The Ottawa Swim Club is a non-profit organization that provides an environment where young people of all ages can develop their swimming ability. The club is focused solely on the swimmers and their needs, in order to allow them to excel in the sport.”

For more information please visit: www.ottawaswimclub.ca

Swim Ottawa

“Our philosophy is simple yet pragmatic. With three family generations involved at the elite level in the sport of swimming both as participants and as trainers, we understand that each person is different in the way they move through the water. However, we do believe in the basic physics that are optimal in order to swim faster by learning to swim easier. Balance, timing, and core rotation are trademark terms when it comes to swimming efficiently. The challenge is to break it down into understandable components that can be tailored to our students.”

For more information please visit: www.swimottawa.com

If you are a member of an Ottawa swim club looking for participants send your swim club information via the contact page and we will add it here so others can take the plunge with you.

Comments about your Ottawa swimming club experiences are welcome. All will be previewed for suitability before going live.