Scrabble Clubs in Ottawa

Who hasn’t played Scrabble?

If you are a fair weather player like me, then you will only play Scrabble infrequently, and may not even know all of the Scrabble rules!

Well, you can take your Scrabble playing to a whole new level by joining up with one of the Scrabble Clubs in Ottawa and either learning how to play more professionally, or taking your game face along with you, and showing them how it’s done!

Scrabble Clubs in Ottawa -

Ottawa Scrabble Club

Word games are alive in Ottawa! Our club is officially sanctioned by the National Scrabble Association. Our club #495 consists of several experts, many aficionados, and a great group of recreational players. All players of any skill level are welcome and will easily find a place to fit in. Who knows? You may become the next expert.

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If you are a member of an Ottawa area Scrabble club and you want to post information about your club on this site to entice new members, please send in details via the contact page.