Badminton Clubs in Ottawa

About Badminton Clubs in Ottawa, if you haven’t ever played badminton seriously, you need to know that this game can be a righteously tough, sweat-inducing sport with the potential to strain every muscle in your body unless you are well warmed up to play.

For winter time in Ottawa, badminton is a great indoor form of exercise, and if you are at all competitive, you do really want to check out badminton clubs in Ottawa.

Badminton Clubs are listed in alphabetical order.

badminton shuttlecockCarlingwood Badminton Club

“Carlingwood Badminton Club is a friendly club whose members know each other all on a first-name basis. Social interaction between games is generally quite fun and plentiful. The level of play at Carlingwood Badminton Club is largely determined by the applicants who apply for membership. In general, our Club has beginner to advanced level players ”
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Ottawa District Badminton Association

Official website of the Ottawa District Badminton Association
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If you are a member of an Ottawa area badminton club, and you want folks to learn about your group, add your information below. All postings are reviewed to ensure that they meet the needs of visitor and website alike.


  1. Esther Chen says

    I want to join the club. Thanks!

    • Bill in Ottawa says

      Hi Esther. Glad to hear it. Badminton is a great sport. You’ll see that there are presently two clubs listed on this page, with contact info for each. Pick the one you want and give them a call to join, okay?