To Ottawa by Air

Getting to Ottawa by air, is relatively easy from anywhere in the world. Ottawa’s is still a relatively small airport by some international standards so  the positive result is less multiple-arrivals of the big, passenger disgorging jets, and much less confusion as you move through our friendly airport.

Your travel agent will know that the airport location code for the international airport in Ottawa is CYOW. Usually the first two letters identify the country, and the latter two the destination airport within that country. This has been designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization, or ICAO.

When you are searching the internet for air travel info,  CYOW is the designation you would use for the Ottawa airport. Some search sites only allow 3 letters for the airport code, and that being the case, the Ottawa designation would be YOW.

For those interested, more data about airport codes is available at: .

Airport Info

Ottawa International Airport
Airport Parkway
Ottawa, ON Canada K1V 9B4
Airport Switchboard: (613) 248-2000

17 Kilometers to the Parliament Buildings

It’s about 17 kilometers (approx. 11 miles) from the Ottawa International Airport to the Parliament Buildings. That being said, it is still  possible to spend 30-40 minutes or more driving time to downtown Ottawa. This is caused bu the circuitous route needed to get to down-town Ottawa from the airport,  traffic congestion in Ottawa is becoming common, there can be weather issues in the winter time, and, of course, there is always construction.

In late 2011 the City officers were speaking of building a large tunnel under downtown Ottawa, to attempt to reduce traffic congestion. If this comes to pass, the attempt will, in itself, snarl Ottawa traffic for years.

There’s an airport-to-down-town shuttle bus that – when last checked – leaves the airport about every 30 minutes. Current operating times are 05:00 a.m. through to 11:30 p.m. The fare for one person to take the shuttle varies. Please check.

Other Travel Options

Other options for travelling from the airport to your destination in Ottawa are:

  • Public Transport
  • Taxi
  • Rental vehicles

While Ottawa is a fantastic city to bike and walk around in, due to the distance from downtown, the commute to the airport is best accomplished by car, bus or taxi or shuttle. Some of the hotels near to the Ottawa Airport offer shuttle service. Many of the downtown hotels do not.

International & Domestic Air Lines at Ottawa Airport

Many of the easily recognized international airlines travel to and through Ottawa International Airport. Some of these are:

Air Canada

American Airlines


Continental Airlines

Northwest Airlines

US Airways

There are many more air carriers that operate to Ottawa International Airport, and checking the airport site can provide information about those other air carriers.Website: