RC-Remote Control Clubs in Ottawa

Get your thrills driving, boating or flying your remote controlled devices in and around Ottawa. If you want to  share the pleasure of doing that, consider joining one of the RC-Remote Control Clubs in Ottawa and in the Ottawa area.

I can recall seeing some quite large, vintage aircraft sail overhead towards a perfect, three point landing, and not realized until I saw the replica airplane on the ground that this aircraft was RC and not a full size model. There is skill involved, and RC clubs will help you improve that as well.

Look for RC quad copter flying clubs too. Racing or aerial photography, it’s a great game.

Here is a list, alphabetical order, of RC-Remote Control Clubs in Ottawa.

Remote-controlRC Clubs in Ottawa - www.all-about-ottawa.comled-tri-plane

 Ottawa RC Club

Welcome to the Ottawa Remote Control Club. We are a group of approximately 150 model enthusiasts in the Ottawa area. We operate 3 flying sites and our members are involved in all aspects of remote modelling including jets, power, gliders, and helicopters.

For more information please visit:  www.ottawarcclub.ca


Remote Control Ottawa

These folks seem to be an overarching organization helping with RC track and off road racing in and around Ottawa. A visit to their site provides information on RC racing around Ottawa, so, for more information please visit:  www.rcottawa.com


Stetson Flyers Model Airplane Club

The Stetson Flyers are based at Carlsbad Springs, 20 minutes SE of Ottawa, Ontario. Members interests range from 1/2A Texaco to Giant Scale R/C. The club hosts various activities through the year, and also provides instruction for beginners. The year 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the club, which has grown from six original members (all Mounties, hence the name) to around 120.

For more information please visit:  www.ottawarcclub.ca

Remote control clubs, if you want new members, let folks to learn about your group, send info in via the contact page for inclusion on this site.




  1. I am thinking of buying this and I was wondering are there any clubs in the Ottawa area for this type of RC model ?

    (Ed: original link didn’t work – to see the RC in action, copy and paste the following link into your browser and then click on the excavators link in the left nav bar)


    Thanks, Dave

  2. Robert T. Chisholm says

    Thanks for your response. I tried the link to ORCC again a couple of days ago, and again just now (Tues. Aug 26th). Same problem! Good to hear that the club is apparently still doing well. Website moved to a new URL?

    • Bill in Ottawa says

      Robert… I’m puzzled. I just checked the link I put in my last response, and had no problem visiting the site. I rechecked by refreshing the page to ensure that I wasn’t just seeing a cache image of the page, and it refreshed fine, meaning the browser actually went to the host server to get the home page. I have no idea why you cannot get to the site. Sorry.

  3. Robert T. Chisholm says

    Anyone know what happened to the Ottawa Remote Control Club? Their website at ottawarcclub.ca is “down”. For instance, did they disband, and have all their members join one of the other clubs in or near Ottawa?