Books in Ottawa

There are the serious books in Ottawa; those purchased or borrowed for self edification. Then there are the brain candy books.

The latter are the books that I chew through like … well, like candy! Their only redeeming value is that they transport me from where I am to another world of excitement, danger, romance…and so on, when I feel the need to do so.

Which do you prefer? The brain candy type, or books to help you learn something?

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Brain Candy or Learning Books?

Ottawa has many book stores where you can purchase your latest “learning book” or another bag of “brain candy”, new or used.

Borrow Books in Ottawa

Not to mention, for those that prefer to borrow than buy, we’ve got Ottawa library branches  located throughout the greater Ottawa area.

Books to Buy

But say you want to buy…to add to your collection? Maybe old, maybe new, the following are places to visit and browse for your favourite author in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

You will note the absence of the chain books stores.

I have nothing against them, it’s just that when I browse for a new book, I sometimes prefer the flavour the indie and smaller bookstores provide at no extra charge.

All Books

Find used books in Philosophy, Literature, Eastern Religion, Classics, History.. and more.
327 Rideau St.
Tel: (613)789-9544

Bay Used Books

Providing value for your paperback.
68-A Robertson Rd.
Tel: (613)829-7157

Book Bazaar

417 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON,
K2P 1Y6

Books on Beechwood

More than your neighbourhood bookstore. We specialize in service.
35 Beechwood Av.
Tel: (613)742-5030

Canterbury House

Spiritual and wholeness, world religions, social concerns, sacramental and seasonal
97 Hinton Av. N.
Tel: (613)798-0797

Perfect Books

258A Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2P 1L9 P: (613) 231-6468
Tel:(613) 231-4425

Salem Storehouse Inc.

Books, Christian books, gifts, music, cards
1558 Merivale Rd.
Tel: (613)727-0203

Singing Pebble Books

Books on alternative health, Feminism, Self-Help, Spirituality, Metaphysics
202-A Main St.
Tel: (613)230-9165
Singing Pebble Books website:

If your bookstore isn’t on this list, add details in the comment box below, and we’ll be happy to add the information to this page.

What do you like best about your favorite bookstore in Ottawa? Feel free to leave a comment below.