Model Train Clubs in Ottawa

A mighty engine’s whistle screams as it disappears into the tunnel bored into the side of the heavily forested mountain.

Down the way, where the train track exits the stone, passengers wait patiently for their train to arrive.

At first glance, it could be an aerial view of forests, fields, mountains, tunnels and train tracks. But it is not. It’s an amazingly life-like model train set, all miniature scale, of course.

Interested in being involved with model trains clubs in Ottawa? Information about clubs in Ottawa is listed below.

Miniature railroad village -

Miniature railroad village image:

Interested in building your own scale model railroad complexes? Model railroaders are generous with their advice and help. Join in!

HModel train clubs in Ottawa and area  listed in alphabetical order.

Drawing of Mighty train engine

Merrickville Model Railroad Club

“Hello Railroaders: I am finally ready to start some railroad activities and can offer the following…”

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Ottawa Valley HO Trak

“The HOTRAK modular railroad club operates in the Ottawa Valley area and meets about every 6 weeks during the fall, winter and spring to operate HO scale model trains owned by members… ”

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Are you an Ottawa area model train buff? Want to tell folks about your club? Just contact us with details.



  1. Hi all,

    My 6-year-old autistic son is now very interested in model train displays after having seen a huge example in Switzerland (Transport Museum in Luzern). Is there a permanent model railway display someone in or close to Ottawa that anyone can recommend?

  2. Ottawa valley Hotrak

    • Bill in Ottawa says

      Benny, thanks for the info. Ottawa Valley Hotrak has been posted on this page for quite some time. Cheers!