Financial Services

A broad range of financial services are available in Ottawa. As this page unfolds you will find links here to suppliers of virtually any financial service you may require when visiting, or living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

You will find traditional financial services, and information about some of the mortgage brokers available to Ottawa citizens further down the page.

Ottawa Banks

Canada’s banking system, and the banks, are well regulated and sound financial institutions.

Services provided, many (most?) of which are charged for, include currency exchange, savings accounts, chequing accounts, consumer loans, mortgages, among many others.

Historically, banks were only open weekdays from around 09:30 until 4:00 pm. That is changing as they react to the needs of their customer, albeit very slowly, so it would be best to check with the actual branch to determine their business hours before you make the trek.

Here is a list of some of the banks in Ottawa.

BMO – Bank of Montreal

Multiple branches throughout Ottawa and area
“Banking, borrowing, investing and insurance solutions to meet all your personal financial needs.” courtesy BMO web site
Main number for loans, mortgages & investments: (800) 665-9665
Direct banking number: (800) 363-9992
Direct banking for business number: (800) 877-345-7777
BMO main web site:

CIBC – Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

30+ branches throughout Ottawa and area
“At CIBC, we are in business to help our clients, employees, and shareholders achieve what matters to them. Succeeding will mean living by our values – Trust, Teamwork, Accountability – and creating value for all who have a stake in CIBC.” courtesy CIBC site
Main number telephone banking: (800) 465-2422
CIBC main web site:

National Bank of Canada

7+ branches throughout Ottawa and area
“Rome was not built in a day, and neither was the National Bank. It reached its present form through a series of well-planned mergers, acquisitions and associations that have helped make it a privileged partner for businesses and individuals in Canada and abroad.” courtesy National Bank site
General information: (888) 835-6281
National Bank web site:

RBC Royal Bank

Multiple branches throughout Ottawa and area
“Working closely with you to bring together your banking, savings and borrowing needs.” courtesy RBC site
General information: (800) 769-2511
RBC web site:

Ottawa Mortgage Brokers

Way back in the last century when a person needed a mortgage for their home, they would visit their bank.

That is not the case anymore. The mortgage broker industry seems has made a pretty good case for folks to use their services. It makes some sense, too. A mortgage broker can obtain a mortgage for you from a bank, from trust companies, and from other cash rich sources that the average citizen would not even begin to understand how to access.

Furthermore, it seems that as this industry has grown, so too has their clout with the traditional sources of mortgages; the banks! Seems that nowadays, given that the brokerage companies have quite a bit of business, banks and other sources of capital will actually bid on mortgages through the brokers, a benefit in driving the cost of mortgages down.

Before doing busy with a mortgage broker, it would not hurt to check them out. One way to do that is to see if they are a member of The Better Business Bureau, an organization driven “to promote and foster the highest relationship between businesses and the public through voluntary self-regulation, consumer and business education, and service excellence” according to their site. (website:

It would provide some assurance for me too if they were members of hte Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (website:

Mortgage brokers may or may not charge you a fee for their services. It depends on your circumstances and the type of financial institution from which the funds are obtained for your mortgage.

Capital Mortgages Inc

Two locations – Ottawa West & Ottawa East
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613)228-3888

GRG Mortgage (G.R. Gauthier Financial Services Inc.)

1661 Montreal Rd. Unit 1
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613)745-4567
GRG Mortgage web site:

Kelly Mortgage Services Inc.

413 Churchill Avenue N.
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613)727-3323
Kelly Mortgage web site:

Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613)563-3447
Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage web site:

If your financial institution is not listed here, and you wish it to be, please send details via the contact page.