Train to Ottawa

There are not many better ways to travel to Canada’s national capital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – whether travelling from Canada’s west, east, or even from the United States, than taking the Train to Ottawa – it’s the civilized way to travel

In generations past, train travel was the only civilized way to get around. Our present day obsession with speed, coupled with the fact that every person is required to do more work in the same time than ever before, means that sometimes we don’t have the luxury of taking time to travel.

If you do have the time, travel to Ottawa by train is an absolute delight with comfortable seating, the ability to stand and walk around, with some routes offering fine dining and beverage facilities, and the routes with the dome cars allow high visibility in “living room comfort” as you enjoy the incredible Canadian scenery.

U.S. passenger train service Amtrak has routes throughout the U.S., and you can get to Toronto, Ontario, Canada via their rail service. Then, it’s a simple train change to the VIA Rail system, and you are on your way to Ottawa by train.
We have traveled most of the breadth of Canada by train, and know that if you can make the time, this form of travel is extremely rewarding, and it’s environmentally friendly too!

Ottawa’s Train Station

The Ottawa Via Rail station is about 5.8 km (approx. 3.6 miles) from  Parliament Hill.

Ottawa Train Station
Contact Information VIA Rail

Ottawa Train Station
200 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 244-8289
Or toll free @ 888-842-7245

Of course, reservations and information about connecting to VIA Rail can be obtained through your travel agent.

Via Rail Website

Here’s the VIA rail website:

Amtrak Website

Here is Amtrak’s website:

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