Upper Canada Village

Visit, suspend disbelief, and immerse yourself and your family into the deceptively simple life of Upper Canada Village life  in the 1860’s.

Breathe the clean air. It’s different here; less complex, busy, but at a slower, more relaxed pace. Wander the Village that time passed by.

See and experience a working 1860’s village, meet the inhabitants, ask them questions, discover life as it was almost 150 years ago.

After about a 90 minute drive from Ottawa and just past the entrance to Upper Canada Village, you’ll find yourself transported from the present, to the corner of Mill and Queen Streets in the Village of Upper Canada, circa 1860.

Entrance to Upper Canada VillageAs you enter the gates, look to your left! There’s old Asseltine’s Woollen Factory. In it you can experience the transformation of mounds of rich, raw wool from the Village’s sheep into yarn and warm, thick blankets. See their assortment of “modern 1860” spinning equipment in operation.

Need some flour for baking? Just up Mill Street Bellamy’s Flour Mills and Cooperage grind their wheat into rich flour for the Villager’s use.

At the cooperage, just next door to the flour mill, see their hand-crafted barrels for the multiple uses of the Village’s inhabitants.

Come see, taste, smell and feel the Village as you wander down Albert Street, past Providence Chapel, the Broom maker and the Blacksmith Shop.

Young fishermen at Upper Canada VillageWhen asked what he was making, the smith replied, tongue in cheek, “Fire and smoke!”

And further on down Albert Street you will reach the Drag Saw.

At the Drag Saw, two horse, working on command, walk slowly in a circle which turns the gears, the shaft, the wheel and belt and ultimately power a cross-cut saw that helps cut the many, many bush cords of firewood for the Village’s heating and cooking stoves each year.

And so it goes. Building after building, street after street. Experience the lives of the 1860’s in the School House, the Printing Office, the Doctor’s house, see the Dressmaker in action, and the wonderful 1860’s Bakery where some of the flour from the Village flour mill is transformed into hot, sweet, fresh bread. Time your visit right, as I fortunately did, and the bakers might break open a fresh-from-the-wood-oven loaf to share among their visitors. Delicious! Careful though. It’s hot!

Winter in Upper Canada Village

Winter, and Christmas, is wonderful at Upper Canada Village. There are select activities for families to enjoy, and their Christmas light displays are beautiful. I am grateful to a talented individual and childhood friend for the photo below.


Barry Schwerdfeger Photo

Where is Upper Canada Village?

It is located on Highway #2, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south and east of Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings.

If you wish, take Bank Street straight south out of Ottawa. Continue on Bank Street as it turns into Highway 31 south, and then follow that about 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) to Highway #401 (MacDonald-Cartier Freeway) which you would take in an easterly direction.

Heading eastbound on Highway 401 for about 8 kilometers (5 miles) you will arrive at, Upper Canada Road. Exit south there (right) for a short distance to Highway #2, turn left, and watch for the main sign on the right just a short distance along.

Or, you could head for Upper Canada Village by taking the #416 south out of Ottawa, down to the #401 highway, and then east on the #401 until you reached Upper Canada Road.

Upper Canada Village is Open When?

Upper Canada Village is open for daytime visits from mid-May through mid-October.

As well as enjoying the amenities that this heritage park offers, consider also, the following:

  • Staying overnight at the Upper Canada Guest House
  • Taking the Upper Canada Journey of Discovery 1860s style
  • Pioneer Pals Day Camp
  • Upper Canada Young Interpreters Program
  • Time Travellers Program
  • Specialty Tours
  • Hooking and Rug Quilting gatherings
  • The Miniature Train Ride
  • Digital Photography Workshop
  • Purchasing some of the Made In Upper Canada Village goods
  • A Light at Night late November through early January

Information about all of the above including dates and applicable fees can be found either on the Upper Canada Village web site or by calling them during normal business hours.

Speaking of information, at the main gate the Upper Canada Village Park Walking-Tour Map can be obtained in….

  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • German

…and for the vision impaired, they have loaner copies of the map in Braille!

Contact Info

Upper Canada Village
Morrisburg, Ontario
Telephone: 1-800-437-2233
W: www.uppercanadavillage.com

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