Curling Clubs in Ottawa

Hurry! Hurry hard… get yourself out to one of the curling clubs in Ottawa.

Get together with friends, and folks that want to be friendly with you. Share some of the camaraderie and social networking that curling in Ottawa can bring you.

Below is a list of curling clubs around Ottawa, listed in alphabetical order.

Curling is good exercise and great fun Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa

“In order to appreciate why we are known as the Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa, we should be aware of the fact that when curling came to Canada in the early 1800’s, the game was played on the many frozen rivers and ponds…”

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Ottawa Curling Club

“You never know who you’ll bump into…. ”

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Looking for new curling club members?

If you are a member of an Ottawa curling club and you would like some no-charge publicity,  contact us with details and we will post them here  to provide Ottawans and Ottawa visitors alike information about your Ottawa curling club.

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