Quilting Clubs in Ottawa

I have not been bit by the quilting bug, but I sure do know folks that have. All sorts of benefits evidently accrue to those that undertake the quilting arts. Here is where you find out a bit more about quilting Clubs in Ottawa.

And while this craft may not be for everyone, if you have a hankering to know more about quilting, why not contact one of the quilting clubs in Ottawa and area?

Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild

Quilted blanketThe Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild (OVQG) was started in 1981 by three quilters-Ann Bird, Joyce Legault and Isabel Johnston. Since that time, we have grown to a membership of 250. The purpose of the Guild is to share ideas and projects, and to foster the art of quilting.

For more information please visit:  www.ottawavalleyquiltersguild.org

Fran’s Quilting

“I started quilting in 1980 and took many courses in the varied quilting techniques….”

For more information please visit:  www.fransquilting.com

Ottawa Quilters, if you want new members or just to let folks to learn about your group, you can send information in via the contact page and we will include your club information here.

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