To Ottawa by Bus

To Ottawa By Bus!

Whether you live in a small village in Guadalajara Mexico, in downtown Los Angeles, Key West Florida, or Perth Ontario, you can get from there to Ottawa by bus!

And in the event that you are located in other than the approximately 1100 locations in Canada serviced by the best known of inter-city bus lines – Greyhound – there will likely be a local carrier to get you to a hub so you can board the bus to Ottawa.

Taking the bus to OttawaPassports when entering Canada by Bus

Remember if you are crossing borders from country to country, your best bet is to have a valid passport. If you haven’t, you’d want to check and see what other document works for you to leave your country, and equally important, to get back in after your trip.

With their very flexible schedules, and the fact that you don’t normally need to make a reservation, and also that bus travel is often more economical than other forms of travel, selecting the bus to get to Ottawa may be your best option.

Usually Comfortable Seats on the Bus

While the seating may not be optimal for persons taller than 1.87 meters (6′ 2″) or weighing more than 113 kilograms (220 lbs.), most passengers will find the reclining seats found on most intercity buses to be quite comfortable and spacious. Other features are fairly large, panoramic windows, air conditioning, on-board toilet facilities, and some buses offer movies.

Most bus lines are not against passengers embarking with food and drink – though most disallow alcoholic beverages. Too, many bus lines will attempt to stop at restaurant / rest areas regularly, and as close to normal meal times as distances and locations allow.

Bus stations are in the middle of the city

Unlike some other forms of travel, bus stations are usually found quite central to the city of destination. So too in Ottawa.

Ottawa Bus Terminal

The address for the central bus terminal is:
Central Station Bus Terminal 
265 Catherine Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 238-5900

It is located just off the Queensway’s (#417) Kent St. exit, about 2.4 kilometers (approx. 1.5 miles) from the Parliament Buildings in downtown Ottawa.

You can check with your travel agent as to the best bus line and fee structure to suit your travel to Ottawa.

For your convenience, here’s the website for a North American standard in bus travel: