Ottawa Restaurants

Ottawa restaurants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, types of food, and range from cafeteria style to full sit down with white linen napkins and a wine sommelier.

We have been to many Ottawa restaurants over the years. Some spectacular, and some that we wouldn’t go back to.

Years ago, we would almost always visit Ottawa restaurants with North American staple foods like steaks, seafood and pasta. Nowadays, Ottawa is replete with restaurants with owners and chefs that come from countries all over the world, and they serve their native dishes to Ottawa residents and visitors alike.

For those that prefer, here is information about  Vegan or Vegetarian Ottawa restaurants.

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Carmello’s Italian Restaurant

Carmellos restaurantWe have enjoyed dining at this restaurant on the Sparks Street Mall a number of times.

They offer a broad range of what they call contemporary Italian dishes… what we would call delicious Italian dishes!

We have taken friends with us, particularly in the summer when a guest can enjoy their outdoor patio, and no one has ever had a negative thing to say about the food here.

They are open every day – varying hours – and they recommend that you reserve seats, though we have never done so and they have been able to squeeze us in every time.

Carmello’s is at 300 Sparks Street which is between Lyon and Kent Streets and about 1 km  (.6  miles) from the base of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.
T: 613-563-4349


Eggspectation restaurantWe have only ever dined at the downtown Ottawa location of this restaurant, and then, only for breakfasts.

As I write this I see from their website that they have locations in Quebec and Ontario, in the U.S. and overseas. Didn’t know that before. Also, using their website to get the specific location of this Eggspectation location was, for me, impossible to do?

Though you would think that this is a breakfast only restaurant, with the emphasis on eggs, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner from their broad menu.

The reputation of this restaurant is that it is a bit pricey. It certainly is not if you have ever bought breakfast in a hotel restaurant, but yes, it’s quite a bit more than you would pay at a fast food joint. Your call!

Regardless, breakfasts are what we went for, and breakfasts are what we enjoyed. Hot eggs and sausage, bacon – good food, lots of fresh hot coffee, excellent service, and while enjoying your meal, the people watching from the second floor tables overlooking Bank Street or Laurier Street is most enjoyable.

Eggspectation is located about 1 km (.62 miles) from the base of the Peace Tower at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.
T: 613-569-6505

Kallisto Greek Restaurant

Kallisto Greek Restaurant - Restaurants in OttawaIf you are partial to Greek food, and it is wholesome and delicious, you do want to take in lunch for dinner at the Kallisto Greek Restaurant. Very well priced, very good food, excellent service, you will enjoy. Not fancy surroundings, but clean and welcoming.

Kallisto is located about 13 km (about 8 miles) South of Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings just South of where Hunt Club meets Bank Street.

Kallisto Greek Restaurant
2950 Bank St.
Ottawa K1T 1N8
T: 613-260-2111



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  1. Eggspectations

    This delightful restaurant is to be found in downtown Ottawa at the corner of Laurier and Bank, one of only 2 Ontario Eggspectations locations. There are seven locations in Quebec. If you’re travelling in the States or India, you’ll find restaurants of this chain there too!

    The name implies a specialty in breakfast food, but, as the restaurant touts, it is an “all-day experience” with a lovely menu from which to make your choice. I’ve now been to Eggspectations for brunch several times over the last couple of years, and each visit has been a success. The restaurant is huge, and they do get extremely busy. The wait staff is uber-friendly and the food may look a little pricey at first glance, but the portions are large and quite tasty. Depending on where you sit and how busy they are, it does tend to get a might noisy at times. On the whole, I’d give this restaurant a 7.5 out of 10 – certainly worth a try.

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