Wakefield Quebec

Wakefield Quebec is a charming small town in the P of Q, Province of Quebec.

Wakefield is approximately 35 kilometers (just over 20 miles) from the Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa, and given that much of the route there is highway, if traffic permits, you can be there in about 30 minutes.

Why visit Wakefield Quebec?

If you’ve wandered all of Ottawa, a very urban environment with big city experience, maybe you are ready for a little peace and quiet on your visit to the Ottawa area? Downtown Wakefield is that, with it’s main street meandering along the shore of the Gatineau River.

Welcome sign in Wakefield QuebecWakefield is pretty much an all season place to visit.

In the summertime you have the lovely walk along the downtown tracks of the vintage steam train (sadly, no longer running) as they wander along the shore.

Tracks in downtown Wakefield Quebec

Visit the turntable that allowed the steam train to whirl about and head back down the tracks to Chelsea Quebec.

Steam train turntable in downtown Wakefield Quebec

Steam train turntable in downtown Wakefield Quebec

If you are looking for a little more peace and quiet, head up the hill on the road that leads up past Le Moulin ( the Wakefield Mill). Stop by the rural cemetery at the top of the hill, and take a moment to visit the grave of one of Canada’s prime ministers, Lester B. (Mike) Pearson. Enjoy the view.

Grave site of Lester B. Pearson in Wakefield QuebecIn winter or summer you can visit one of Canada’s famous covered wooden bridges, just down the river three or four kilometers (2 miles or so) from downtown Wakefield.

Covered bridge in Wakefield QuebecEnjoy downtown Wakefield by staying in one of the B&B’s there.

Come in the winter. Ski, board or tube Vorlage ski resort, just a couple of blocks from downtown.

Vorlage ski resort in Wakefield QuebecFarmer’s markets, music in the pubs, fine restaurants, you can spend a pleasant day, or spend a number of them, in Wakefield Quebec, a short drive away from downtown Ottawa, Ontario.