Ottawa Services

Ottawa Services

Whether a lifelong resident of Ottawa, a newbie, or a visitor, you sometimes need stuff!

And that is what this page is all about. Ottawa Services. Where do you go to get the “stuff” you need, whether it is emergency, financial, insurance, moving, banquet halls, etc. and etc.

Here is a list of some of the Ottawa Services.

Banquet Services:

What do you need Ottawa banquet services for? A wedding, bar mitzvah, social, corporate? Avail yourself of this list of available Ottawa Banquet Services.

Doctors & Medical Services;

Newcomers and existing residents that relocate may have to find a family doctor. One source for finding a physician is to contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Website:

Ottawa boasts a number world class hospitals for emergency and long term care. We also have an emergecy medical response system. Users dial 911 on their phones to be connected to emergency response services.

Financial Services:

Whether it is about a loan, a mortgage, need some cash for something special, how to get cash into Canada from afar, or perhaps you want to invest, then consider visiting some of Ottawa’s Financial Services.

Immigration Services:

The City of Ottawa officially welcomes immigrants. To help you in your process of moving to Ottawa, much information about Ottawa immigration can be found at:

Ottawa also has an immigrant services organization whom assist more than 25,000 immigrants to Ottawa, Canada each year. Contact their website for more information about their services to immigrants:

The Canadian Government also offers immigrant services. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will provide much information, and in particular, the legal processes for immigration to Canada. Website:

Ottawa also has an organization that provides immigration assistance and crisis intervention for Women. Website:

Police Services;

Ottawa Police Services were created in 1995 to provide policing services for the greater Ottawa area. More than 1300 police officers, and half that amount of civilian support, make up the team. Complete information is available at:

Weather Services:

What is the weather going to be like in Ottawa when you visit? How about next month, or next season. Follow this link for information on Ottawa weather.