Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators – Ottawa’s NHL heroes!

The Ottawa Senators; Ottawa’s NHL hockey gladiators – chasing the hockey player’s dream every year, and every year so far, falling short of the holy grail. Though admittedly, there have been some exciting moments.

Named For Nation’s Capital

The modern Ottawa Senators hockey club, reputedly named after the nation’s capital and the fact that the Canadian Senate is located in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings  have been entertaining fans, if not bringing home the Stanley Cup, since 1992.

Logo of the Ottawa Senators hockey club


In the mid ’90s, the Sens moved into the purpose built, and comparatively palatial Palladium. This building, over time morphed into being named the Corel Center. Then, I guess a bigger bank account came into play, and it morphed from being named the Palladium to the Corel Center, and then into …  Scotiabank Place. But wait, there’s more!

Not that they ran out of money or anything, but perhaps didn’t think they were getting good value for the money paid to have the Senator’s Hockey arena name after them so for now the Ottawa Senators hockey arena is now known as… Canadian Tire Place.

Canadian Tire Centre Ottawa

Yup, it’s now Known as the Canadian Tire Centre. For those not in the know, Canadian Tire is a Canadian, nation-wide, chain of retail outlets selling automobile related paraphernalia including tires of course and sporting goods with a heavy emphasis on skating and hockey. Some CTC locations are now selling food as well.

Could be a good fit, particularly if the success that Canadian Tire has earned over many years, rubs off on the Sens, and brings them to higher heights… and dare we say it, contention for the Stanley Cup?

Canadian Tire Centre

  • 1000 Palladium Dr.
    Kanata, Ontario, K2V 1A5

Ottawa Senators home rink at Canadian Tire Centre

Location of the Ottawa Senators home rink

The Sen’s home ice is about 27 kilometers (approx. 17 miles) west of Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings located right off the 417 (Queensway). There are a couple of exits from the highway to the spacious parking areas.

OC Transpo is an excellent option for safe convenient travel to Scotiabank Place, and using the bus means you can avoid paying a parking fee.

Where do the Ottawa Senators practice?

When the Sens need to practice in their home town, they do so at the Bell Sensplex.

The Sensplex is a joint venture, four rink facility offering excellent skating resources to competitive hockey teams in Ottawa, including the Ottawa Senators. You can find more information about the Sens and Sensplex by visiting:

Playoff Contenders

In their relatively short  life span, the modern Sens have managed to reach the playoffs ten times, and earned four division championships.

Canadian Tire Centre home of the Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators’ farm team is the Binghampton Senators, and more information about them and the AHL can be found here: .

For the complete story on the Ottawa Senators, and they would certainly welcome your visit to their main web site and to their home ice, visit: .

The holy grail of hockey, the has evaded the modern Sens to this day.

Get more info on the Stanley Cup here:

Perhaps it’s next season that we will finally see our Ottawa Senators bringing the Stanley Cup to Ottawa? We can only hope.