Getting To Ottawa

How about getting to Ottawa, then?

You’ll know either from wandering around this site or after you do so, that Ottawa is an absolutely gorgeous city to visit.

She offers the resident, tourist and potential citizen, world-class amenities and entertainment in Canada’s national capital city, regardless of the time of year you choose to be here.

At we’re doing our best to entice you to visit. Are we succeeding? Here’s info on Ottawa-Getting-Here!

That being the case, you’re going to want to know more about getting here!

Canada is a huge country!

Map of Canada showing where Ottawa is.

Canada is a huge country, covering most of the land mass of the North American continent that’s north of the 49th parallel. To the south of the 49th, lies most of the United States of America.

From this map you can see where Ottawa is located with respect to the rest of the Canadian Provinces. You can also see that Ottawa is really not that far from upstate New York, in the US of A.

Ottawa glows with national pride at over 4,700 km (2,900 miles) east from Vancouver Island which is another gorgeous Canadian location located on Canada’s west coast.

Ottawa shines like a jewel over 2450 km (1500 miles) west of the farthest eastern point in Canada, Cape Spear, Newfoundland.

From Ogdensburg, upstate New York, Ottawa is a mere 100 km (62 miles) straight north, and once you get over the bridge that’s the border between the US and Canada, Ottawa is hardly an hour’s drive away.

Many way to get to Ottawa

Here’s information about getting to Ottawa in a variety of ways.

Ottawa boasts a truly international airport, and you can get more information about it here: Ottawa By Air!

To Ottawa by Road

When you’re travelling with friends or family, and you’ve got the time, taking the road to Ottawa may be the best way to go. Want details on driving to Ottawa from around North America? Just click here: To Ottawa by car!

To Ottawa by Bus

For the young at heart, or perhaps those with limited travel budgets, or if you just want to leave the driving to someone else, there’s always the bus. Here is information about taking the bus to Ottawa!

To Ottawa by Train

If you’ve got the time, a trip to Ottawa by rail might substantially increase your pleasure. Not only getting to Canada’s capital, but enjoying the ambience and experience of the journey.

For information on travelling to Ottawa from around North America by rail, please click here: Taking the train to Ottawa!

Ottawa is always Beautiful

However you get to Ottawa, and whether you come in the Spring, the Summer, the Fall or in the Winter, you’ll find a beautiful, visitor-friendly city, bursting with activities and amenities to entice the traveller. Whether you’re just driving through on the way to elsewhere, or arriving for your once-in-a-lifetime visit to another country, another culture, another city, Ottawa awaits you.
So,  come visit us … soon, Eh…?