Day Trips Around Ottawa

If we are so high on visiting Ottawa, why are we sending you away for day trips around Ottawa?

Ottawa is a great city, and there is lots to do there. Believe us!

Yet there are attractions outside of Ottawa that visitors from near and afar will enjoy. These attractions are not available in Ottawa, and are not duplicated there.

Also, perhaps you are en route to somewhere else from Ottawa. Knowing these attractions are located along your route might enable you to stop in and enjoy them, if you have the time during your trip.

Regardless of your reason, here are some fine sites and great things to do a few minutes or a few hours drive outside of Ottawa.

World Famous 1000 Islands

One of the nicest driving day-trips from Ottawa is one that includes seeing much of the 1000 Islands. Here is what we often like doing when heading there.

Drive south out of Ottawa down the 416 highway to Johnstown, Ontario. Take the bridge across from there to the U.S. and Ogdensburg. (Make sure you have your passport) Maybe a short stop in Ogdensburg to see the Remington Museum? Then travel along the south side of the St. Lawrence in upstate New York to Alexandria Bay. There we took the 1000 Islands Hill Island Bridge back across to Canada to the 1000 Islands Parkway, and followed that west into Gananoque for a brief visit there.

From Gan we could either take the 1000 Islands Parkway east all the way to Brockville (50 km / about 30 miles) and hook up with the 401 eastbound to get back to the 416 northbound and Ottawa, or simply go north a bit out of Gananoque, and pick up the 401 eastbound there. We much prefer the lazy route back through Brockville, and often took the backroads from Brockville back to Ottawa.

I have built a page to provide you with more information about the 1000 Islands  here.

Prehistoric World

Walk where the dinosaurs are! Prehistoric World, not far from Upper Canada Village gives you and your family an educational and awesome experience, as you wander the forest, seeing full sized dinosaurs around every bend!

More on Prehistoric World here.

Upper Canada Village

When you walk through the gate of Upper Canada Village you are transported into a slower, gentler, yet very busy place.

Click here to find yourself on the corner of Mill and Queen Street in small town Upper Canada Village in 1860.

Frederic Remington Museum / Gallery

It is an international day trip to picturesque Ogdensburg, upstate New York.

Cross the Johnstown / Ogdensburg bridge over the St. Lawrence to visit this museum.

Kingston Ontario

Wander the shores of Lake Ontario. See where the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal flows under the LaSalle Causeway and into the lake. Visit Fort Henry.

Kingston Ontario – walk in some of the oldest streets in the nation.

Wakefield Quebec

Whether on Canada Day, or any other day, Wakefield Quebec is a fine place to visit just about 30 minutes from Parliament Hill.

Stay in a marvellous B&B. Enjoy the many restaurants and bistros on the “main drag”. Sip a cool one and watch the beautiful Gatineau River meander by. A real nice spot. If it ever gets running again, you will be able to watch the steam train arrive and do the “round about”.

Wakefield – a most enjoyable destination.

Have you a favorite day trip? Please feel free to add comments below.